Secluded and affordable stream side vacation cabins in beautiful Star Valley Wyoming

Fresh spring water

Bedford is proud to be one of the last places in the US that is not only powered largely by hydroelectricy, but offers pure fresh Rocky mountain spring water from the tap!


We are passionate about providing a place where individuals, groups,  and families can get out and experience the wonders of the world around them from the comfort of these quaint and rustic cabins. We hope that these cabins will provide an environment where people can learn about nature and enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Because of the abundance of local wildlife, hunting is common in the area.  The cabins are located in a small stretch of wilderness where it is not allowed, so there are always plenty of visitors you can view from your cabin doorstep.

Local plants

With everything from massive aspen groves to delicate poppies the diversity of plant life here is one of the things that makes the Rocky Mountains so beautiful.

Our beautiful valley

Preston Ranch Cabins are located on the historic Preston Ranch.  The Preston family was one of the first families to settle in the valley, before Wyoming was made a State in 1890.  Since then, the family has continued to care for and work the land.  We raise livestock, alfalfa, oats, and barley.  Roger Preston, DVM and his wife Bonnie along with their daughter Lauren believe in the responsibility of being stewards of the land.  They believe in harvesting sunshine and keeping the land open for wildlife and people to enjoy.  Having this cabin and camp facility helps support this mission.  We love ranching and we love the magnificent beauty of this part of the old west and want to share it with you.


Preston Ranch Cabins